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Advanced Hydrogeology

Master course offered annually in the summer semester as part of the module "Hydrogeology".

Water is an ubiquitous component and resource on the Planet Earth. Its diverse physical and chemical roles are best seen in its reservoir properties, flow dynamics, and geothermal systems. In this module part students acquire detailed knowledge of the hydrochemical cycle of water and aqueous fluids in the lithosphere. They will understand hydraulic principles, which govern flow in permeable rocks and control available water supplies. They learn and interpret hydraulic and hydrochemical properties of diverse rock formations, ranging from sedimentary cover to crystalline basement, with examples from southwestern Germany and applications to geothermal energy systems.

Format: 2 week hours (lecture, seminar, and group discussions)

Instructor: PD Dr. Ingrid Stober

Course contents

The course covers advanced aspects of hydrogeology and fluid flow in the lithosphere. It focuses on reservoir properties, dynamics of groundwater flow in permeable and fractured rocks, water supply, hydraulic and hydrochemical properties of various rock formations, and applications to geothermal systems. The latter topics provide links to exploitation of geothermal energy or environmental geochemistry.



Course materials are available in the university e-learning system (ILIAS)

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