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X-ray Analytics

X-ray analysis
X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF XRF)

With RFA elements in solid, powder or liquid samples can be identified and quantitatively measured. Generally this is done non-destructively. All elements except for the very light weight ones (H to Be), can be captured in a concentration range of about 1 ppm to 100 weight -%. The specific detection limits are substantially dependent on the atomic number of the element, the sample matrix, the preparation and the technical equipment of the spectrometer.

Features and capabilities of the existing equipment

The sequence PHILIPS PW2404 X-ray spectrometer (initial operation 1999) is equipped with:
- Ceramic X-ray tube with Rh anode 4kW
- 6 analyzer crystals (LiF220, LiF200, GE111, PE002, PX-1 and PX-4), so that the elements can be detected C to U
- 3 detectors (flow, scintillation and Xe Proportional Counter)
- Sample changer for 84 samples
- SuperQ V2.1B and SemIQ software.


The device is preferably been used for quantitative analysis of major, minor and trace elements of the total rock. The measurements are generally made of fluxes (1 g sample + 4 g of Li-borate MERCK A12) and powder compacts (4 g sample + 1 g HIGHS wax C). The preparations have 33 mm diameter. Monitoring programs have been available for routine, automated analysis of silicate rocks (granites to ultra Basite), carbonate rocks (carbonatite and sediments) and for F, S and Cl in rocks.
In addition, the elements of F to U can be determined semiquantitatively in scans from samples without any special preparation, and without a defined weight ratios on the SemIQ software.

Bruker AXS D8 Advance X-ray powder (RDA XRD)

By means of RDA crystal structures can be explored and crystalline phases can generally be identified . Quantitative analysis of phase mixtures are possible as well.  The material under investigation is finely grated (preferably below 40 microns) for powder diffraction.

Features and capabilities of the existing equipment

The BRUKERaxs D8 ADVANCE X-ray diffractometer (commissioned 2000) is equipped with:
Vertical theta / theta goniometer
Variable divergence aperture at the secondary terminals
Monochromator (Cu)
Scintillation counter
Ceramic X-ray tube with 2.2 kW Cu anode
2 sample holders for 9 samples
DIFFRACplus software


The device is particularly used for the identification of crystal phases in mineral mixtures or concentrates. The measurements are generally made in reflection mode on powders in PMMA sample holder rings with 25 or 40 mm inner diameter or on Kapton films. For very small samples holders made ​​of Si single crystals are on hand. The complete PDF 48-database is available for routine analysis of XRD patterns generated with the DIFFRACplus V5.0.








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